Halowe'en Weirdness

Why the Hell is this on canadiens.com? Here's an excerpt:
"What’s worse: a crosscheck in the back, or an unprotected chair shot?

Edge: An unprotected chair shot. No doubt about it. Every time it happens you taste copper; it’s like sucking on a penny. I think that’s a sign of a concussion."

Tonight: Habs vs. Sens.

The pussycat is Jason Spezza.

Redden is a no-go for Ottawa, while Dandenault and Downey are out for the Habs. Seems Downey is still sucking on pennies.

We'll probably see the line of Kovalev, Samsonov and Perezhogin again tonight. They combined for two goals in less than five minutes of icetime on Saturday versus the Leafs. If you're worried about faceoffs, Kovalev was a respectable 3-for-5 on the night.

Getting ready for tonight's game, I looked at the standings and noticed that yet again the Sens' record is lower than their goal differential would suggest. It seems they always underwhelm their pythagorean numbers. So I looked at their performance over the last five seasons compared to three other good teams over the same timespan:

The Sens are the only club whose "point %" is not better than their pyth. win %. They don't get as many wins as they should, given their goal differential. When they win, they often win big. When they lose, they lose small. Problem is, they lose small more often than they should. Is this what they mean by 'underachieving?'


The Coyotes CEO gave Gretzky the dreaded "vote of confidence." My, wouldn't it be embarassing if The Great One were fired by a man named Shumway?


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