Why doesn't he go by 'Richard'??

WADA president Dick Pound (now there's a porn star name if I've ever heard one) suspects as many as one-third of NHL players use performance enhancing substances.

NHL Deputy commish Bill Daly responded to Pound's comments as follows:

"I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Pound's comments have absolutely no basis in fact. I find it troubling, to say the least, that he would find it necessary to comment on something he has absolutely no knowledge of.
Perhaps Mr. Pound would be better served to limit his comments to topics as to which he has knowledge, instead of speculating on matters as to which he has none."

It's not the first time.

In the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Becky Scott, North America's first ever medallist in cross-country skiing, asserted that doping was rampant and her sport needed to be cleaned up. Pound, an Olympic bigwig at the time, basically said Scott didn't know what she was talking about and that she should stick to skiing. Since then, Scott's bronze medal was upgraded to silver, and then gold as the two competitors ahead of her at the 5k pursuit event were revealed to be dopers. I don't recall reading about an apology by Pound to Scott after she was proven to be right.

Despite making many ignorant remarks and being an all-around dork, Pound somehow keeps getting appointed to prestigious positions. Here's hoping this greasy lawyer gets out of sport altogether, grows himself a handlebar mustache and takes up a career in the field he was named to be in.


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