Quarter pole awards

Biggest hit

Ovechkin on Colin White

There may have been bigger hits, but none by such a talented rookie on such a tough defenseman. Check out the movie

Worst TV Studio 'Personalities'

"Nhl on the fly," Bill Berg, Dave Reid

Wow, are these guys dull. Who knew their clutch & grab skills would translate so well to slowing down hockey broadcasts. Are they only on TV for name recognition among Leaf fans?

Best Puckhandler with one Hand on the stick

Erik Cole

He must have forearms like Popeye.

Most frequently striking the "I didn't do it!" pose

Bryan McCabe

You know the look. We're seeing it a lot this year. It's like the Karate Kid pose, except with both feet on the ground. A defender checking his man just starts to cross the line from "good, hard defense" to hooking or holding when his opponent falls. It may or may not have been a dive. The defender holds his arms and stick in the air innocently, as if to say to the ref, "I didn't hook/hold him! How could I with my arms and stick so far away from him!"

Goalie Allowing the Most Highlight Reel Game Winning Goals

Jose Theodore

Jason Spezza's OT winner and Sid Crosby's shootout winner will make the "Plays of the Year" reels.

Rosiest cheeks in the NHL

Ruslan Fedotenko

He's straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Best name for a goalie

Mike Wall

I can't decide whether Steve Passmore has a good or bad goalie name. Do more pucks pass Steve? Or do his opponents shoot less and pass more?

Most Shocking Plus/Minus Stats

Dany Heatley, +20
Scott Hannan, -12

Heatley is on pace for +96 on the season.
Defensive stalwart Scott Hannan is currently tied for 696th and dead last in the NHL.

Time for a tangent. The nhl.com stats are amazing. I have wasted away so many lunch hours there.
Habs fans can now justify their favourite players statistically: Steve Begin is leading the league with 59 hits, and Andrei Markov is #2 in takeaways with 25 (Modano and Rob Blake have 26).
Need to know the highest-scoring Brazilian-born player? Robyn Regehr, 2 pts.
Say your hockey pool rewards goals and assists, but PENALIZES power play points - pick up Jamal Mayers - 6g, 2a, 0 PP points.

The 2,795th stat reflecting higher scoring this season:

53 players are on a point-per-game pace.

In '03-04 there were 12, three of whom only played half the season (Palffy, Forsberg, and Marc Savard)

Most lethal shootout team

The Dallas Stars

4 goals in 4 attempts, no goals against in 4 attempts.

Player in TSN's database whose photo looks most like he's straining on the toilet

Wade Belak

And finally, not to pick on everyone's favourite albino sasquatch, Wade Belak is also winner of the Most Curious Injury award.


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