Lightning Crashes Bell Centre

It was a vintage 2002 performance by both Theo and his teammates. As usual, Tampa's stars showed up to play in Montreal. Last night Jose snagged their shots like an exotic dancer on Ste. Catherines snags $20 bills. Unfortunately, the rest of the team also played like the rest of the team from 2002. They played rope-a-dope in the 2nd period, standing and watching the Lightning forwards unload shot after shot, not unlike young men standing and watching the exotic dancers on Ste. Catherines. The Habs' D must have just gotten the memo from the League head office - in the *new and improved* NHL, you're not allowed to touch the talent. Much like certain clubs on Ste. Catherines.

After Theo's best performance this year, management wasted no time in demoting Yann Danis to Hamilton, along with his 1.50 GAA and .946 SV%. Apparently Cristobal Huet has recovered from his off-season knee injury.

There is a cute article at hockeysfuture.com about Sergei Kostitsyn and his melancholy search for Russian babes in London, Ontario. There is often confusion around how to anglicize the names of many Russian players when they arrive in North America. It has been particularly bad with the Belarussian Kostitsyn bros. I've seen their name spelled ten ways from Sunday, including Kastitsyn, Kostitsin, Kostytsin, and Kostytsyn. 'Kostitsyn,' as I've spelled it here, appears to be taking the lead.


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